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I am having a studio sale featuring a large variety of past work in order to clear out my studio and my mind, enabling me to continue creating new work. I have evolved and changed over the years, but each work I have made has been an important step in my development as an artist, and I have cherished each creative experience. The next step for these works is to hopefully find an owner who will cherish that moment in my journey as much as I do.
So please enjoy perusing this selection of work for sale!
Additional works will be added over the next few days

The work in this studio sale includes heavily discounted items, including but not limited to figure sketches, plein-air pieces, still lifes, color experiments and archived work from 5+ years ago. All artworks are 100% Sonja Haroldson originals. These works vary in size and medium, and will be priced in blocks by $X increments. Prices do not include shipping costs. Size, medium, year and location will be included in the image details. Click on the piece you are interested in to view additional information. 

NOTE: any work purchased after December 15th will be not be shipped until after January 5th

If you have any questions about the artworks, please feel free to reach out to me at



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